Burger King Getting Sued Over The Size Of Its Whoppers

It’s fairly common knowledge that the burger you are served at a fast food restaurant doesn’t exactly look like the ones you see advertised. Most of us know that these adverts are made to present the ideal dish or burger.

But now, four plaintiffs are taking Burger King to court over the SIZE of their famous Whopper claiming that Burger King exaggerates the size of the sandwich. The class-action suit filed in the U.S. District Court in Miami says that advertised Whoppers that you see are “based on false and misleading advertising concerning the size and/or the amount of ingredients contained in said menu item.”

Plaintiffs also claim that since 2017, Burger King has made the Whopper look larger in its ads. And they’re not just upset about Whoppers – the plaintiffs are calling out all sandwiches including the plant-based Impossible Whopper and the Croissand’wich breakfast sandwich. They want Burger King held responsible for damages and legal fees.

As for the company’s response, Burger King says it “does not comment on pending or potential litigations.”

Sources: The Street

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