Brothers Die From Drinking Five Liters Of Hand Sanitizer

Sometimes you just really want a drink, but this is not the way to do it. Three brothers in India died after buying five liters of hand sanitizer and drinking more than half of it, all because they couldn’t buy alcohol during the lockdown. Parvat Ahirwar, 55, Ram Prasad, 50, and Bhura Ahirwar were discovered dead last Tuesday. The three men were all married but were staying away from their families.

The worst part? Authorities believe they drank some of the sanitizer on Sunday and started to feel bad, then continued to drink it on Monday. Alongside their bodies was found the two liters that were left after their two-day binge.

It should go without saying, but don’t drink hand sanitizer. Seven people in Russia died from doing exactly that in November, while three Americans have died and another was blinded permanently after choosing sanitizer as their drink of choice.

Source: LadBible


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