Bridezilla Slammed For Not Wanting Fiancé’s Grandmother At Her Wedding


Yet another bridezilla story is stirring up commenters on Reddit after a bride-to-be has revealed she doesn’t want her fiancé’s 98-year-old grandmother at her wedding reception. She says ‘everything is going great’ and they’ve agreed to not have kids at their wedding so they can have a ‘huge party’ with dancing, loud music, and an open bar. While she says the grandmother is welcome at the ceremony, she wants the reception off-limits for the grandmother.

You guessed it, this has apparently resulted in a huge fight, with the groom saying his grandmother has ‘always dreamed about being at her grandson’s wedding. People commenting on the post are siding with the grandmother, saying that wanting to ‘let loose’ and party with your friends can be done any night, and the 98-year-old should be allowed to party as much as she wants.

Source: Daily Mail

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