Bride Marries Ghost, Divorces Ghost

s giveth and ghosts taketh away. A woman in the UK claims to have married the ghost of a Victorian soldier…but things haven’t gone smoothly. The 40-year-old who goes by Brocarde says “Edwardo” burst into her bedroom in 2021 and professed his love to her. After that, she says they became inseparable and immediately began planning their wedding.

However, arguments over the wedding date started soon after the engagement. Brocarde claimed Edwardo “turned into a complete groomzilla,” adding that “the nuptials seem to be bringing out the worst in him”. After the wedding, things went downhill quickly with the ghost becoming increasingly “possessive,” along with claims that he was carrying on with the spirit of Marilyn Monroe. Brocarde has since announced the couples’ split.

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