Barber Trips And Accidentally Stabs Himself In The Chest With Scissors


In Boston, a barber is lucky to be alive after he accidentally stabbed himself in the chest with his own pair of shears. Steve Silva was cutting Max Cohen’s hair when he tripped and fell on top of his scissors. He was apparently walking around the back of the chair when he all of a sudden fell to the floor. The man getting his haircut then noticed blood.

Steve said, ‘oh my God, I stabbed myself’ and pulled the scissors out of his chest. The freak accident happened at Boston Barber & Tattoo Co.’s. Max says he talked to Steve until first responders arrived. The Boston University freshman credits his quick thinking to some emergency training he took in high school which involved keeping his barber calm.

Owner Robert Dello Russo says his barber was transported to Massachusetts General where he is recovering after undergoing emergency open-heart surgery because the blunt force of the scissors pierced through an artery. He describes Steve as one of his best employees. A GoFundMe page is hoping to raise money to help pay his hospital bills.


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