Artist Paints Creations Exclusively Out Of Cow Dung

He’s the Monet of manure. German artist Werner Härtl, 45, showcases intricately done paintings featuring animals, pastorals and portraits. However, instead of watercolors and oil, the medium he uses is cow dung. Härtl claims his foray into cow poo art started a decade ago, after he noticed how hard manure was to clean off his barn. That’s when he realized the adhesiveness would actually help with his art.

When it comes to the stench, Vincent Van Gotta-Go says, that “when it’s completely dry, it doesn’t smell anymore.” And how does it work? “I start scribbling using very dry, gentle brushstrokes,” he said. “Then, I use watered-down dung for light shades. Finally, I use dung with no water mixed in for the dark shades.” While Härtl has many reasons to love this medium, overall, he says, “Cow dung is one thing above all: sustainable! It can be reused.”

Source: NY Post

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