Americans’ Social Calendars Are Filled With Holiday Gatherings

Do you have a full calendar for the rest of 2023? You’re in good company, according to new research that reveals the average American will attend five different social gatherings at five different homes this holiday season.

The poll of 2-thousand U.S. adults looks at their social calendars for this winter and finds:

  • Three in four are expecting to be busier this time of year, and that number climbs to 85% for those who are hosting.
  • They may be busy, but 84% are excited about the holiday season, even if they don’t celebrate one of the common winter holidays.
  • The most common holiday gatherings Americans are attending include Thanksgiving dinner (74%), Christmas parties (66%) or dinners (65%), a New Year’s Eve party (54%) and Friendsgiving dinner (54%).
  • One in seven will be attending a Secret Santa event, while 17% will be taking part in cultural celebrations like Kwanzaa and 13% are going to Hanukkah dinners.
  • But the gatherings that most people are excited about are Thanksgiving dinner (43%) and Friendsgiving dinner (33%).
  • Respondents admit there are some events they’d rather skip this year, especially Christmas dinner (22%) and New Year’s parties (22%).
  • But 62% actually wish they were visiting others more often during the holidays.
  • Seven in 10 say that out of everyone they know, they’d be the best holiday host.

Source: SWNS Digital

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