Aldi Selling Frozen Sushi


The idea of frozen sushi may sound a little strange, but fans of Aldi are raving about frozen Spicy Crab Rolls and Philadelphia Rolls (which have salmon and cream cheese) from the retailer. The rolls are featured in the @AdventuresInAldi Instagram post and you can find them in the freezer aisle.

Once home? You just thaw out a few pieces at a time or the entire roll…and you’re good to go. The sushi comes individually packaged which could also make it easier for people with food allergies to enjoy.

With a price of 15 pieces for $5.79, it can make it easier for your wallet to enjoy, too. And sure, it’s no night at the hibachi place, but one reader claims, “it’s pretty dang good.” So there’s that.

Source: Delish

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