A Teacher Creates The “Just Scream” Hotline Aimed At Reducing Stress


If the new year isn’t going as well as you had hoped, there is a place you can go to let out some steam.  “Just Scream!” is a new hotline created by elementary school teacher Chris Gollmar that aims to reduce tension for those needing an outlet. All you have to do is call the hotline and scream as loud and as long as you want, and then hang up.

Gollmar actually launched the project just before Election Day last November and says, “I wanted to find a prompt that people would respond to, and screaming seemed to be a good fit!” After people dial in, their calls are recorded and posted to a website Gollmar created. The website asks: “Why should I call you? To scream! You might be unhappy, terrified, frustrated, or elated. All of these are perfectly good reasons to call and record yourself screaming.”

Personal phone numbers are not stored, and all calls go to an answering machine — so interacting with a real person isn’t required. According to the website, there is currently a backlog of over 40,000 screams waiting to upload. You can check out the website at justscream.baby or call 561-567-8431. Unfortunately, the hotline won’t be around forever. It’s set to be active until January 21.

Source: CNN

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