9-Year-Old Boy Nearly Dies After Swallowing Magnets During TikTok Challenge


Some TikTok trends are fun, but some can be dangerous. The mother of a 9-year-old boy in the UK is warning parents to keep up with what their children are doing after her son wound up in surgery. Carolann McGeoch says her son Jack started vomiting and having extreme abdominal pain; they took him to the hospital and X-rays showed “something was blocking his bowels.” It turned out to be six magnets the boy had swallowed.

The trend is to take two round magnets and put them on top and bottom of your tongue to fake a piercing. Unfortunately, the magnets Jack swallowed while trying to copy the trend stuck together through his intestinal wall. It took a four-hour surgery to remove his appendix, small intestine, and 12 inches of his large intestine; Jack isn’t able to walk unaided and can only have a liquid diet.

Source: New York Post

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