37-Year-Old Man Wakes Up With 20 Years Of Missing Memories

A 37-year-old Texas man woke up one morning in July 2020 next to his wife but had no idea who she was. When she started talking to him, Ruth Porter realized her husband Daniel had no memory of the last 20 years of his life, including their wedding day and the birth of their daughter ten years earlier. His parents were able to convince him that he hadn’t been kidnapped or in someone else’s house after getting drunk the night before, but he was still scared and confused.

That’s strange, isn’t it? Doctors said he was suffering from Transient Global Amnesia, and that it should only last a day or so. Unfortunately, they were wrong; a year later, and Daniel still has no memories of 20 years of his life. He remembers waking up and looking in the mirror last year, asking why he was “old and fat,” and everything since then; Ruth says it’s weird because “I’m in an old relationship and he’s in a new one.”

Source: Daily Mail

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