Woman Discovers She’s The Other Woman After Finding Boyfriend’s Wedding Site

In the age of the Internet, it’s hard to get away with anything, at least for very long. One woman is sharing how she discovered something shocking online about the guy she was in a new relationship with and what happened after she confronted him. Ellen Smith took to TikTok to reveal that she found out she was the other woman after stumbling upon the guy’s wedding website.

“If you’re having a bad day, just remember you could have accidentally found the wedding website of the man you’ve been seeing for six weeks on Google,” Smith says in a video. She then shared the desperate texts the cheater sent her after she called him out for being engaged. Screenshots show messages from him that start with confusion, then he apologizes and finally he tells her she “didn’t have to accept it.”

The comments section shows how common this kind of thing is, with several women sharing similar experiences:

  • “I found the wedding website of my then husband while I was deployed,” one writes.
  • “I was talking to a guy who told me he was going home for a wedding … it was HIS wedding,” another writes.
  • “How about finding the wedding website of the man you’ve been dating for six YEARS?,” comments a third. “This happened to me! I was trying to find his new LinkedIn and saw he was getting married in Mexico.”
  • But as bad as the whole ordeal may be for Smith, one user points out, “You could be the bride. That would be way worse.”

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