Airline Pilot Draws Phallic Picture In The Sky After Flight Diversion

Don’t tick off a pilot or they’ll get back at you in the air. A Lufthansa pilot who was allegedly angry over being forced to divert his flight from Germany, flew the plane in such a way that that it would make the shape of a man’s nether regions appear on the map. Flight 306 took off from Frankfurt, Friday and was bound for Catania, Sicily. However, the pilot was told mid-flight that it couldn’t land due to operations from a terminal fire in July and would have to land elsewhere. After hearing the news, the pilot, who hasn’t been identified, was allegedly pretty steamed.

The Lufthansa pilot, who now needed to fly south and land on the island of Malta, flew a formation in the sky that showed up as a fairly accurate rendering of male private parts. The pattern took about 16 minutes to complete, though Lufthansa officials say the phallic pattern was created completely by coincidence. Surrrre…

Source: NY Post

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