Man Who “Became Dog” Out For First Public Walk

Good boy?? A man who’s spent a ton of time and money building a lifelike dog costume in the hopes of “becoming an animal” has finally gone out for his first walk. Known only as “Toco”, the guy has spent over $16,000 on a bespoke collie costume and shares updates with his 30,000 YouTube subscribers. *The mystery man is too afraid to reveal who he is for fear of judgment by family and co-workers.

Now, after featuring videos playing in the backyard for “doggie treats”, Toco has ventured into public for the very first time. In a pair of YouTube videos, Toco is seen being taken out for a walk on a leash and is later seen sniffing at other dogs and performing tricks like rolling over and waving. How was the mutt received by the public? Human and canine passersby seem amused, intrigued…and confused.

Source: Daily Mail

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