Sailor, Dog Found After Surviving Two Months On Rainwater

Tom Hanks’ “Castaway” character has nothin’ on this guy. An Australian man and his dog have been rescued after two months of floating adrift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Tim Shaddock, 51, and his pup Bella set sail on a catamaran in Aprail from La Paz, Mexico in the hopes of reaching French Polynesia. However, several weeks into the trip, his boat was damaged in a storm.

The man and dog survived on nothing but rainwater and raw fish until they were miraculously rescued last week by a helicopter that wasn’t even looking for them…it was conducting surveillance for a tuna trawler in the middle of the ocean. Experts described Shaddock’s rescue as “finding a needle in a haystack” as Shaddock and Bella’s chances of ever being found were “slim at best”.

Source: NY Post

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