Massachusetts Landmark As It’s Killing All The Flowers June 30,

People who want to sprinkle the remains of loved ones at a beloved spot in Massachusetts are being asked to stop for a reason that’s all too ironic. The scenic footbridge in Shelburne Falls called The Bridge of Flowers has become a popular spot as a final resting place for many who have been cremated. However, the Bridge of Flowers Committee says since the ashes are alkaline and contain salts, the leaves and roots of the flowers end up dying because of it.

What’s more, a committee member points out that the practice isn’t so healthy for humans either. “The gardeners and volunteers are then exposed to the human ashes, and the human remains do not remain untouched,” she explains. As lovely as it might seem to the bereaved, the bottom line from the committee is, “It’s very upsetting.”

Source: Mass Live

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