10-Year-Old Bodybuilder Deadlifts 280 Pounds

All hail the clean-and-jerk kid! A young boy in the UK has smashed multiple weightlifting world records with no sign of letting up. Rowan O’Malley, who’s 10 years old, has been dubbed “Britain’s strongest boy” after being able to, squat 220 pounds, bench 125 pounds, and deadlift a staggering 280 pounds.

To keep up his strength, the mini powerlifter claims to eat upwards of 3,000 calories a day – almost a thousand calories more than the average 10-year-old – while he follows a strict training regimen. How did the kid turn to fitness instead of video games anyway? Rowan explains, “I started because my parents ran fitness events and my dad worked with someone with a brain injury and they used the gym for rehab so I’ve always grown up in a gym environment.”

Source: Lad Bible

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